Virtual Tour of Quogue’s 1822 Schoolhouse

Virtual Tour of Quogue's 1822 Schoolhouse

For a virtual tour of the 1822 Schoolhouse with Miss Lizabeth Griffin(g), a 19th century Quogue schoolteacher

In the virtual tour of the 1822 Schoolhouse, QHS Board Trustee, Alison Strong has channeled Quogue’s 19th century school teacher Lizabeth Griffin(g).

Lizabeth Griffin(g) (1849-1917) grew up in Quogue on Montauk Highway, the daughter of local Judge Edward Griffin(g). From 1868-1869, Lizzie was the teacher in the Quogue Schoolhouse in charge of 24 to 30 students of all ages. At the time she was teaching, the schoolhouse was located right on the edge of Quogue Street, when the railroad came through in the 1870s, Old Depot Road was opened, and the schoolhouse was moved a short distance to the east.

Excerpts from Lizabeth Griffin(g)’s diary, 1868.

Wednesday, April 22 “Nothing new or strange. Mr. Halsey has called a meeting so I shall know whether I am going to teach or not.”

Sunday, May 3 “…I have to commence school tomorrow.”

Monday, May 4 “Got up early this morning. Had to do work before I went too school. Hattie has gone to Fourth Neck (East Quogue) to spend the day. Had 24 scholars…”

Thursday, July 7 “Fan Jessup is back to school. We have all been very busy fixing the garden at the schoolhouse.”

Wednesday, July 15 “Today we commenced to trim the schoolhouse. Have partly finished it. Looks really pretty.”

Thursday, July 16 “It was warm this morning but rather cooler now. We finished trimming the schoolroom and then it took me an hour to clear it out.”

Wednesday, July 22 “About the same as usual. The picnic is the chief topic of discussion. We went up in the woods to select a place for Henry and myself. Heard of a new barber shop.”

Saturday, July 25 “Heigho! the last day of school. Such a storm as was raging when I got up. It finally cleared off beautifully. We had a beautiful time at the picnic, about 30.”