“Quogue is unique on the East End – remarkably, it holds a rich stock of 18th, 19th and
early 20th century houses that still retain their architectural and historic integrity.”
Architectural Historian Zach Studenroth

To Our Friends and Neighbors in the Village of Quogue,

We believe, as we hope you do, that the preservation and enhancement of Quogue’s historic resources plays a vital role in maintaining the Village’s unique and gracious charm – its “sense of place.”  Quogue’s exceptional surviving historic houses bring the reality of our Village’s rich heritage to light. And we believe recognition of these priceless resources is long overdue.

Historic District to Honor Quogue’s Rich Heritage
To that end, in 2013 a Steering Committee for Preservation in Quogue was formed, comprising representatives of the Quogue Historical Society and other community organizations, the Village Mayor, as well as interested residents. Zach Studenroth, former Town Historian and architectural historian, was hired as consultant. After several years of research and discussions with the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation, application for the creation of a Historic District that will be listed on the National Register of Historic Places was made in August.

The Quogue Historic District, comprising a remarkable 250 buildings, will tell the story of 200 years of Quogue’s history—from early settlement to the boarding house era of the late 19th century to the summer cottages and homes of the early 20th century.

Participation Is All Voluntary. No Restrictions Whatsoever.
Quogue Historic District was created solely by the voluntary action of community organizations, affected property owners, and other members of the community. No action is being requested from the Village Trustees or any other local government authority, and therefore creation of the District and inclusion of a building in the District will result in no restrictions whatsoever on the rights of the property owners to deal with their property as they wish.

Listing on the National Register is Purely Honorific. And the Benefits are Many.
Quogue Historic District has been approved by the relevant New York State and Federal agencies, the Village and the owners of historic structures will enjoy the following benefits:

1.    Quogue Will Be Honored on the National Register of Historic Places.
Quogue’s treasure trove of historic buildings will be recognized on the National Register of Historic Places.  The National Register is the official list of buildings, structures, districts, landscapes, objects and sites that are most significant in the history, architecture, archaeology and culture of the nation.

2.    “Contributing” Buildings in the District Will Be Individually Recognized.
Each building qualifying as a “contributing” element in the Historic District will receive an individual listing on the National Register, entitling them to display a plaque reflecting that recognition.  (To qualify as “contributing,” a building must reflect the significance of the district as a whole, e.g., because of historic associations or historic architectural qualities. Another key aspect is historic integrity, i.e., without significant alterations that diminish its physical connections with the past.)

3.    Owners of “Contributing” Buildings May Obtain Tax Benefits by Granting a Preservation Façade Easement.
If an individual property owner wishes to protect his or her historic home from future demolition or alteration, it will be possible for the property owner to grant a preservation façade easement to the Historical Society, the Village, or an independent organization and to obtain a federal income tax deduction in connection with the granting of the easement. The easement would apply only to the front of the house, i.e., the view from the street.

Your Questions Answered
You might also be interested in visiting the website of the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation for a clear description of the evaluation criteria, application process, and results of listing on the National Register:

We hope that you agree that Quogue’s historic resources deserve recognition, and will support this worthwhile effort.

Sincerely yours,

Steering Committee for Preservation in Quogue
Peter J. Rothenberg, Chester Murray, Pi Gardiner (Quogue Historical Society)
Lynda Confessore
Paul Dietche
Joy Flynn
Nancy Mullan
Robert Murray
Bruce Peiffer
Janko Rasic
Peter Sartorius
Donna Sessa