QHS At Home Children’s Activities

Some Fun Art Questions

See how many you know! Have fun!

  1. If you combine Yellow and Blue what color do you get?
  2. If it’s going to rain, what color is the sky?
  3. Primary colors CAN NOT be made by mixing other colors. What primary color starts with an R?
  4. What Primary color starts with a Y?
  5. What Primary color. Starts with a B?
  6. Grass when it’s very dry looks like a color that starts with a B?
  7. What color does red and yellow make?
  8. What is the name of the famous artist who was a cubist and starts with a P?
  9. During sunset what color can the sky be that starts with a P?
  10. If you are painting a sailboat what color is the sail?
  11. If you combine red and blue what color do you get?
  12. In the spring and summer, what color are the leaves?

Bonus Questions:

  1. What artist was famous for painting Campbell’s soup cans?
  2. What artist was famous for painting the ceiling of the Sistene Chapel?
  3. What artist was famous for using house paint from the can and throwing and dropping it on his paintings which he laid flat on the floor?
  4. 4. Who is considered the most famous impressionist artist?

Owl Puzzle – Practice in Symmetry

This is a fun drawing puzzle for kids. Have them draw the reverse view (or mirror view) of each box on the left in the box on the right to complete the picture of the owl.

Quogue Word Search Puzzle

Share this fun word search puzzle with the kids. They will learn about Quogue history and some key words related to the area.