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1822 Schoolhouse: 2019-2021 Restoration
Quogue’s 1822 one-room Schoolhouse, said to be the oldest surviving schoolhouse building on the East End of Long Island, is indisputably the most important historic public building in the Village. The 198-year-old building is not only a rare example of its type and form, it preserves a remarkably high degree of architectural integrity.
1822 Schoolhouse: History
“The people of Quagg have just completed an elegant schoolhouse (for which they paid $350).” Letter of Jabez Foster to his brother Herman, Quagg, December 14, 1821.

“We have had a busy job, a few individuals, to build a SCHOOL HOUSE. We got it completed and I do not hesitate to say that it is the best now in the County.” Letter of Cephas Foster to his brother Isaac in Montrose, PA, January 11, 1822.